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Cynosure Biotech Solutions offers over 30 years of experience in biomanufacturing and hygienic operations. Our services include design, engineering, operations support, and products for the fermentation, food, and beverage markets.


BioTechnology & Bioscience
Food, Beverage & Spirits
Industrial Fermentation & Downstream


Capital Expansion & Engineering
Process Engineering Consulting
Facility Hygiene Consulting


Sanitary Process Components
Single-use Equipment Components
Sanitary Process Skids & Modules

About Us

Experienced in Mergers, Acquisitions, Technology Transfers, and Global Manufacturing:

  • Brownfield Start-Ups / Operations / Shutdowns
  • Greenfield Start-Ups/Operations
  • Manufacturing Expansions
  • Global Toll Manufacturing Set-Up, Management, and Process Transfers

News & Insights

Global Fermentation Chemicals Market 2020 Industry Outlook

Global Fermentation Chemicals Market 2020 Industry Outlook

The latest launched a research document titled Global Fermentation Chemicals Market offers a comprehensive view of the market through systematic segmentation that covers every aspect of the market. The research report provides a detailed analysis with presentable...

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How UV light may protect us from the coronavirus

How UV light may protect us from the coronavirus

The stealthy new coronavirus has turned face masks into ubiquitous accessories, and that means millions of Americans are looking for ways to keep them clean. Can ultraviolet light do the job? Ideally, single-use face masks should be worn once and then thrown away,...

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Your Questions on Coronavirus, Answered

Your Questions on Coronavirus, Answered

As the coronavirus spreads throughout the country and the world, so does misinformation about the pandemic. That's why Consumer Reports consulted with scientists and doctors to answer your questions and debunk myths that are circulating about COVID-19, the disease...

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